Porter County Wildlife Management Advisory Board

Special Events


Come join us at Sunset Hill Farm for the 10th Annual 'Celebration of Wildlife' on October 5th & 6th, 2019. We will be hosting an array of wild animal rehabilitators and native animal rescue organizations from noon - 5pm on Saturday. A complete list of our exhibitors can be found at CelebrateWildlife.org/exhibits.html.

On Sunday we will be joined by the Porter County Animal Shelter to promote rescue and adoption of pets. Families will have a chance to meet a new BFF as the shelter will be bringing adoptable dogs and cats to the show. For those who already own a pet there will be activities that your pet will love!


Join us as we celebrate our wildlife, nature and environment, build community spirit, and create childhood memories!!

Board Meetings


Our board meetings are open to the public. We are always open to listen to your concerns about our wildlife and our community.

Perhaps you have concerns about the wildlife habitat in your area or have a desire to preserve your land as a wildlife habitat. Our board members have the special knowledge that can help

We appreciate the opportunity to help our citizens better coexist with our native wildlife