Porter County Wildlife Management Advisory Board Members

Rose Clemans

Rose was appointed to the advisory board in January 2018 and serves as its newest member. She is active in conservation and historical projects throughout Porter County.

Rose is very active in helping to maintain the Zona Sanctuary and can often be found hiking its trails with her husband, Curtis.

Melisa Culbertson

Melisa serves as the vice-president of the Board and is a nature enthusiast. Melisa lives near the Zona Sanctuary, and is very active in helping to maintain the sanctuary.

Melisa is a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Melisa is very active with the DNR in creating conservation and wetland areas on her property in Jackson Township.

Melisa joined the Wildlife Advisory board in the 2003.

Mary Ann Zona-Gregg

Mary Ann Zona-Gregg serves as the treasurer of the Wildlife Board. She has been on the Wildlife Board for the last 10 years. Her father, Paul C.Zona Sr, donated the 92 acres for the sanctuary in Jackson Township that bears his name.

Mary Ann works in the ICU Department at Porter Hospital in Valparaiso and is well-known for the compassion that she shows patients and their families.

She resides in northern Jackson Township with her husband, Bob, and their three West Highland White Terriers.

Bob Gregg

Bob Gregg is the president of the board. He has served as a volunteer to the board for the last 10 years and helped manage and maintain the Paul C. Zona Sr Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bob was appointed to the board in 2010. He shares the Event Coordinator responsibilities for the Celebration of Wildlife.

Bob has been a computer engineer for over 35 years and is currently employed at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor.

Stephanie Kadletz

Stephanie was reappointed to the board this year. She is the director of Humane Indiana Wildlife and is critical in our mission of rehabilitating wildlife.

She is a originally from Florida and studied Zoo Science at the University of West Florida. She also studied Zoo Animal Technology, Animal Sciences at Pensacola State College./p>

Stephanie resides in Valparaiso with her husband and two children.

Denise Sunkel

Denise was appointed to the board in 2015. She is a retired school teacher from the Duneland School System.

Denise resides in Valparaiso with her husband.

Dr. Dani Walker

Dr. Dani has worked at McAfee Animal Hospital since June 2005 and has been the board veterinarian for the since 2013. She is currently also the board secretary.

Dr. Dani earned her B.S. (physiology) from Michigan State University and her DVM from Purdue University.

Members Emeritus

Dr. Larry McAfee

Dr. Larry McAfee started with this board when the board was first established April 1st 1996. He is currently emeritus to the Wildlife Board.

Dr. McAfee has a very active veterinary practice in Valparaiso, cares about wildlife, and gives a great deal of his time back to the community.

Dr. McAfee is one of the Event Coordinators of the Celebration of Wildlife.

In Memorium

Linda Knopic (1950 - 2009)

Linda was a very valuable member of our board. Her energy, enthusiasm, and imagination were an inspiration to us all.

Linda volunteered at all of our events for two years before earning her appointment to the board in 2009. She was great with the kids and always made our booth a real hit with the public

Unfortunately, Linda was taken from us very unexpectedly after serving on the board for only two months. It was our privilege to have had her as a board member and friend. She was a true friend of wildlife and we all miss her terribly.

Remember that I truly believe immortality lies with the love you have given. The people we love and the people that love us never leave us. We carry their hearts inside of our hearts forever. Love never dies.

- Author Linda L. Knopic