The Porter County Wildlife Management Advisory Board

The citizens of Porter County have the privilege of living in a county that offers both the economic opportunity of an urban area, while maintaining a substantial rural population.

As our rural areas become more developed we experience a higher frequency of encounter with our local wildlife. We must realize that the wildlife is trying to survive in an ever dwindling habitat.

It is our mission to help educate the public on how to coexist with our animal friends. Our board has produced our 'Wildlife Resource Guide' that explains how to identify problem wildlife, reduce the chances for an encounter on our property, and how to deal with them if they intrude into our homes or property.

Our board also manages the 92 acre Paul C. Zona Sr. Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Jackson Township. The sanctuary was donated to Porter County by the late Paul C Zona as a place that the animals can call home and families can hike in the peace and tranquility that nature provides.

The Board meets the second Thursday of every month and the public is always welcome to express any concerns or assistance they wish to offer.

Our board is also proud to host the Celebration of Wildlife at Sunset Hill Farm. We provide our friends and neighbors the opportunity to celebrate wildlife and nature, build community spirit and create childhood memories for a new generation of Porter County children!